Webco uses the most advanced and secure servers in the world. We give your website users the capability of downloading at full speed. Try us! Send us your file and well upload your site at www.webco.gr/yourdomain to show you the quality of our hosting plans!! Then you may choose one of them to give your site the quality hosting it deserves.

Webco makes use of the latest technology in servers so that the Greek telecommunications environment does not affect the utility of your websites or the users navigation while surfing in them. How is that possible? Well, by using servers which are literally placed in buildings over the worlds main hubs (USA). This gives your website users the ability to download at great speeds, especially those that enjoy high speed connections. Also the latest technology in routers as well as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) (routing cooperation protocol) ensure the ability to receive information from your website even in the most extensive telecommunications failure in the users area. The result is the download (as well as upload where necessary) speeds depend solely on the users end, since the latest technology is at their disposal. Provide the best for your website and its users.. yes you can!

Webco owns and operates servers in CA in buildings that practice maximum security to say the least. There is a constant 24/7/365 personnel as well as closed circuit cameras monitoring the rooms. The servers are locked in space no access to which is allowed, in addition to the rooms being secure as well. All the spaces are designed for the servers best performance, having highest protection from natural disasters such as floods or extensive dry and warm seasons. The buildings are also fire and earthquake proof according to the highest standards of safety. The buildings are also UPS protected against any power failure or deviation, and also supported by diesel power generators for protection against extensive total power failures. Weekly total offline backups occur, as well as partially daily backups, to ensure the complete data safety of everything you may upload in the server space you occupy. Those data are secured against viral or hacking attacks that may be attempted against your website by the most extensive anti-virus and firewall programs operated and monitored by technicians 24/7.

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