Search Engine Optimization

Process of optimizing page visibility in order to attain higher ranking in un-paid or organic results.
Search engines such as Google have a very worldwide reach, and others such as Yandex and Baidu can be extremely language or country specific.

Webco Internet Solutions is proud to receive excellent search engine placement in competitive rankings.
This is attained by analyzing the competitive environment and carefully selecting target keywords and using them in setting:

  • Meta-tags and other meta data
  • Page titles and content placement
  • URL naming
  • New content and sitemap
  • Images alt tags
  • Internal and External links

The process of SEO is constant and facilitated by practicing:

  • Monthly results ranking
  • Keywords analysis of the competition
  • Back-linking from quality website
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Crawlability facilitation
  • Pattern recognition Analysis and Improvisation

SEO Experts Thessaloniki

Our main competitive advantage is that we are a team of English native speakers who perform SEO in our native language. This is a great advantage in Greece where many claim to be SEO experts but unfortunately perform the right practices on the wrong syntax and vocabulary, because they translate everything from Greek.

Now you can trust English native speakers who are also very successful in running SEO campaigns and following SEO strategies in multilingual websites. We also master Greek and cooperate with native experts of Russian, Chinese, Serbian and Greek.

Our Work